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Help during COVID-19 Pandemic By Maya Suwalka

Smt. Maya Suwalka


Founder and Secretary


Amrapali Prashikshan Sansthan(APS)


Help during COVID-19 Pandemic


Besides the responsibility of the NGO, each community member has an individual responsibility to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. During the COVID-19 Pandemic phases in 2020 and 2021 , Ms. Maya Suwalka extended her helping hand for the contribution and submitted a cheque of Rs. One Lakh to the Rajasthan Chief Minister Relief Fund.

Other than this cash contribution Ms. Maya Suwalka distributed the Masks, sanitisers, hair oils, cooking oils and other essential things to the frontline workers, society and hostels of poor boys and girls. The Founder and Secretary Ms. Maya Suwalka also started a campaign for COVID-19 vaccination in the state.